Transitional Perspective

Hey Angels!

Wow, what a moment. To wake up realizing I’ve left my full time managerial job to pursue my purpose! This is day one. I will be working part time to have some income for the household, but I’m free. To follow your dreams is one thing, but if it isn’t reflective of your purpose, how can it be fulfilling? I need to be satisfied. I can’t take any more days for granted. Have you ever heard God say to you, “It’s time to move on!” Meaning to me, you have done all you can here. I was able to encourage and motivate clients and associates in my retail career, but it’s time for a new setting. I’m thankful for all the clients that opened up to me about their personal lives, whether it was a cruise they were taking, being a victim of abuse, or addictions they had suffered. It always amazes me how relaxed people can be around me and humbling at the same time. I always tried to make every moment uplifting even in uneasy conversation. How do you transition from what most people find to be a seemingly shallow conversation to heart ache, and be able to shift so quickly? I knew as I prepared myself for work and called on God for a successful day, I was getting ready for just that. Not necessarily in sales, but in bringing comfort and peace to someone. I knew in our dialogue there was something for me to say to minister to them, and I loved every minute of it. Consequently, I always made my sales goals. As I steadily transition to using my gifts through books, songs, and speaking engagements, I am composed in all that comes at me. The good, bad, ugly and Heavenly. Since my gifts are heavenly, I know I’ll prosper! As I reflect on the last few years of my life, and how God has used me for His plan, I can’t help but cry out and say, “Hallelujah!”. I’ve made it, while I’m making it. I’ve made it through alcoholism, ungodly relationships, among other things, and I’m not turning back. I’ve made it! And as I am making it, I’ll help others overcome the troubles of this world. My life is for your life. My testimony is for your testimony. My victory is for your victory. So, as I bring this moment to an end, never give up on your purpose. Have you been curving God and His plans for you? Stop and pray. Ask God for your soul to line up with the spirit and take God at His word. It’s His plan so it won’t fail. It can’t fail. Nervousness has its place, but it only serves as a tool to do the work to the best of your God given ability. Begin and finish the work. Make your mark on the world.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!


Shakerah Mcdowell

Thank you Kendra for sharing your testimony! It takes the strength of God and allowing him to work in your life. You have over came so much and as I learn from you, I have hope to one day encourage and inspire my brothers and sisters in Christ as you😍😙

Lashanda W. McColister

Hey cuz! I’m more happy for and proud of you than you’ll ever know. Your inspiration is boundless, and your gift(s) are invaluable. Keep listening with humility and know that I love and appreciate you!❤️🌹💋⭕️❌


Ken!! You did it!! Praise!!!!!!
So proud of you for following your heart for the lord!

Rasheed Hester

God bless Ken. I’m so happy that you heard THE VOICE and found your purpose.

Avis Robinson

I encourage you in your purpose driven vision. God speed to you and all that you put your mind and hands to.

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