Testimonial Perspective

Hey Angels,

I hope all is well! I was just thinking about what transpired with me last night, so I decided to share.

God is always showing us who He is in every occasion, and this was no different. So, as I left work to head home, which is about an hour and twenty five minutes away, I soon realize why it's taking so long. It's raining, and we all know we can't drive in the rain, lol, so I knew this would be a long drive. I ran to my car and jumped in as quick as possible. I turned on my car, and what do I hear? It's the beat to a song I wrote over a year ago. That probably doesn't seem strange, but the only time my music syncs to my car, is if it was recently used in the previous ride. I had not listened to my music in at least a week, so I knew something was up. I thought to myself, God what are you trying to say. God is clear with me, so I knew what he wanted me to do, it just took a second to interpret. I knew I needed to write for peace, release, for my soul. As I sat there I thought, there isn't a beat in my phone that I really like to start the process. As soon as I finished that thought, Saturday by Nicholas Cheung came to my mind. Alright! This is the one. I had previously tried to write lyrics to the instrumental, but nothing stuck. I started listening to the song and low and behold, I'm singing lyrics and hearing a different melody than I had before. Thank you Jesus! I can finally write to this song. God never ceases to amaze me. One thing I know is God always creates a setting that allows us to listen to Him. I was so excited that I absorbed the moment and didn't allow it to pass by without action. God is a wonder! In divine time, I'll have exactly what I need, no matter the situation, and He will also do the same for you!

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!



Sylvia CarterWil

When the time is right and meant to be it all works out! It worked out for it was God’s timing for you! You listened and the lyrics and melody was poring out of you!

Ashley E.

Love this! 💕

Veronica Foster

Thank you so much for sharing, it’s all in God’s timing!

Patricia Baker

Ken Ken you never cease to amaze me. You are such an inspiration. Keep listening to the voice of God and following where he leads. Excited about all the great things God is doing in your life.


The darKest hour consists of only 60 minutes. Despite your darkest hour along your journey, you continue to share your light with others. Love and Blessings!!! ThanK. You.

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