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I hope all is well on this Anniversary Monday. Today marks 11 months of Bobby and I meeting each other. Maybe I’ll do something special for him🤔, or maybe I’ll just pat myself on the back for accepting his advances. Well let me get on track with the subject at hand. We all know that Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. While I was watching one of his documentaries, one of the actors described Spielberg’s work ethic as this, “He works as if he is working for himself.” I am my own apprentice, is what I made of it. That statement started to shape the way I handled my business.

“I am my own apprentice,” seems simple and easy, but it’s a constant battle to uphold that daily. I wake up knowing what I want to do, but never comprehending what it takes to accomplish the task. I am new to owning a business, so I don’t really know what to do. I plan my days according to what my short and long-term goals are and try to execute them to the best of my abilities. Even in planning it’s hard to stay on track because I don’t know what each goal encompasses. For instance, it took me about eight hours to send my first email blast to my website subscribers. Yes, eight hours🤦‍♀️. I thought it might take an hour, and on top of that, I didn’t even know I had subscribers until one of them told me. So, I had to figure out where to look that information up. From the time I researched websites with free templates lol, to the time that I sent the email was literally a whole working day. Did I accomplish everything I wanted to that day? No, but did I feel accomplished? Yes. Initially, I didn’t but soon realized in the beginning projects take time, and I won’t always get everything done that day. There were moments that Spielberg wouldn’t get films achieved in the time frame that the investing company’s allotted. He would overspend on many occasions, but he wanted his movies to be viewed in his perfection. Some companies didn’t want to do films with him period, but it never stopped him from realizing the vision placed upon him. So, it’s okay for time to be spent creating an atmosphere of excellence.

There are moments that I want to scream, and I could easily do that since I’m always home by myself. But that’s the time that I need to realize what else is on my agenda. Sometimes it’s best to start something new and go back to a project versus allowing my head to spend like the exorcist😵. I can also take time to write. It might even be a good stopping point to eat and watch a tv program. It’s also a great time to mediate and read the word of God. I tend to pray a lot throughout the day, and that helps God calm my mind. I also know that my breaks aren’t time for me to goof off or end my working day there because, I am my own apprentice. Kendra Michelle Dublin is working for Kendra Dublin Hamilton, and I can’t fail me. I can’t fail God’s purpose in me, so I must finish my daily assignments. 

Planning weekly helps me maintain structure as well. The days I can’t complete certain task, I can easily add it to another day that I have less of a workload. I can be much more proactive that way versus planning one day in advance. I also don’t have the anxiety of figuring out what I can and can’t fulfill. Different approaches work for different people, but I think that seeing the overall goal for the week is the best way to conclude with the most labor. Set big goals and be realistic. If you are starting out like me, work diligently but don’t consume your mind with what others are doing. It takes everyone months and years to get their businesses on track. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. The main point is to keep going. So many people fail by quitting in the beginning because the road to success is not easy. Some moments may be easy, but the overall process is usually bigger than you.

So, don’t quit. Work in all your abilities. Maintain a structure and a plan, but let God guide you. He will get you through the plan, purpose and vision. God has already opened the doors, you just have to walk though it. He’s given you the expectation. Never give up on your dream, because that means you have given up on God. Keep the faith and always know He is right there with you while standing at the finish line cheering you on.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!



You have no idea how much I needed each and every word of this post. Thanks for being so real and encouraging.


Thanks for those encouraging words of wisdom. So often I beat myself up because I didn’t complete everything that I planned to do on a particular day. I need to set realistic goals and don’t worry about the items that can be done later. I need to be obedient to God and focus on what is important at hand. He makes everything clear when I’m close to Him.

Sardie Izzard

Thank you for the encouraging words!!

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