Resurrection Weekend Perspective

Hey Angels,

I hope you all had a wonderful resurrection weekend. Even during the different events, like going to see Pacific Rim, they just seemed to take a backseat to my feelings. I didn’t want to do anything but listen to the Gospels. My Husband and I watched “Silence,” earlier in the week and I did not realize it was preparing me for the weekend. It’s a movie about two missionaries, Father Rodrigues and Father Garupe, who are looking for one of their priest in Japan, Father Ferreira, who was missing and supposedly left the faith for Buddhism. During their journey they had to be discreet since Christians were being tortured and killed. So, they moved from Christian village to village, hoping not to stand out so the followers around them were not put in harmful situations. The torture Christians endured in Japan were horrendous and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. I’d leave that type of pain for Satan, but that’s about it. Ultimately, for the Christians to survive and not sought out so heavily, the priests would have to practice Buddhism and apostatize. Soon after Father Garupe died, Father Rodrigues surrendered and practiced Buddhism with Father Ferreira. In the final scene of the movie you see Father Rodrigues about to be cremated, which I assume is based off the Buddhist religion, and his wife secretly puts a cross with Jesus on it in his hands, then the movie ends. The whole movie blew my mind the first time I saw it and the second. There were multiple times that I cried during the movie, but there was one scene that I couldn’t contain myself. Three Christians wouldn’t renounce God and step on the picture of Jesus that was presented to them, so they were tortured and killed. They were placed on crosses and were burned with hot ladles that would pour water on them slowly, so the pain lingered. They were also placed on the beach which would soon drown two of them. While the first drowned the other was praying to God to accept him into paradise. While he was holding on to his own life, he was praying for another. It took him a few days to die, but eventually he couldn’t hold on. I soon shouted out, “That’s faith.” A lot of things we go through are so shallow and we can barely keep it together. While there are hate groups in America, it’s nothing compared to what those people dealt with. Then I think of Jesus.

“In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 explains from the genesis Jesus was with God. He knew eventually his time would come and he would have to be humbled to a man. He couldn’t function is his fullness, although he was giving completeness to man. As I stated in “God’s Perspective for Me” Volume 2, Jesus was one, but God, two, but God. Every second of his life on earth he couldn’t display the power he had. What did he think while people were talking to him at the age of one, while he was learning to speak, while he made language, because he’s God! It’s just amazing to me that even in those days, he knew the end of His body on earth was coming. Fast forwarding to the day he would be seized and soon tormented for being God on earth, he had compassion. He had restraint and mercy while being struck by whips made with metal fragments tearing his skin apart. While he was escorted to Golgotha he could barely walk, as blood was rushing out of different parts of his body. But He stayed the course because even in torment he was on a mission. Even when he was placed on the cross, while nails were being driven into his wrist and feet, he needed to complete the assignment. Not only was the physical pain unbearable but dying for the sins of others had another dimension to this moment for Jesus. My dad, Bro. Michael Dublin Sr., pointed out during one of his sermons years ago that the physical pain wasn’t the only thing that burdened Christ on the cross. He had the weight of the world on him, all the sins we had committed and would be committed. He could’ve had a flash of me disobeying, and he took it with grace as he gave me favor, as we should do with others. And now He is with the Heavenly father. Thank God we are as aliens and the soul will be taken from our bodies and we will go back to the Father once our mission on earth is complete. We are always looking for extra-terrestrials not realizing we are just that.  The shell we carry is just to live on earth. We are here to finish the work as Jesus had done. I thank him for his humility and loving us so much that he would be killed for us to conclude the work in His elegance. How do I get there? The only way is to always study Jesus. How do I honor God every day? By walking, talking, thinking, and acting like him. Without knowing him we can’t be like him. As you study Jesus remember the purpose God has for you and finish the race, as Paul would say. God has given you everything you need in the holy spirit. Just have faith, keep walking, and praise God for resurrection power.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!


Carmem Mclean

This book is absolutely awesome! It is amazing and refreshing to read something so powerful as these poems. God is truly using you to uplift and heal others.

Patricia Baker

I praise God for you always Ken Ken. You are a beautiful reflection of walking in the spirit. Its funny how the spirit works providing each of us the confirmation we need. Just yesterday as I was reflecting on our resurrection weekend and how glad I am that Jesus got up for us, I thought about our theme this year “We have stayed too long”. And it caused me to feel so much sorrow for not doing a better job of showing gratitude in the past. So I started writing this poem that I plan to read at spoken word night thats entitled " I have stayed too long". And in that poem I spoke some of the same things to myself, I just heard in your writing. And one of them was, run, not walk, but run, run, run until the race is done. Meanig I cant afford to let nothing cause me to stop this race Im running for Jesus. Love you Ken Ken and thanks for sharing.

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