Restorative Perspective

Hey Angels!

Happy Tuesday. I know that God has blessed you in many ways this week as He has blessed me. So, I’m wondering, have you ever been to the dentist and a patient treatment plan of $10,213 was presented to you after your visit? No, well that’s what was given to me April 8, 2015. I knew the Sensodyne toothpaste would only take me so far. Here’s my brief story on how I got to this point.

Over ten years ago I started drinking casually when my friends and I would go out. Soon after I committed the sin of having sex before marriage and that’s when my need for alcohol began. It was the first time I felt disconnected from God, I was depressed and needed something to attach to. My drink of choice was a “strong” LIT (Long Island Iced Tea). I played no games. The fruity stuff was for the kids. The quicker I got to the buzz, the better I’d be in the moment. But when you look at life that way, your health isn’t valuable. For the years that I was drinking and addicted to alcohol, I wasn’t going to the doctors normally. For the most part I didn’t go to the doctors or dentist at all, unless I had an emergency. For a very long time I wasn’t physically, mentally or spiritually in tune. For some odd reason I made myself believe that alcohol was my friend in my time of need. It would help me overcome all the shame, guilt and destruction of my life, but all it did was drag me deeper into sin. My life got pretty crazy for a while. I partied hard. I can’t remember any weekend that I didn’t go out. Many nights of drinking and driving. How I and others around me survived it, I’ll never truly know, but I do know God had others plans for me, so He spared me. As I was working roughly 50-55 hours a week and partying like a maniac, I didn’t give much thought to my health. I was feeling young and imperishable. Little did I know the affects my lifestyle would have on me in the future.

So, when I got the treatment plan all I could say was I did it to myself. I stayed away so long because I knew whatever the doctor had to say wouldn’t be good. But I finally got to a point that I realized God delivered me so, I needed to take this body seriously. By this time, I had just finished paying all my debts off. No more student loans, car loans, medical or credit card bills. I was able to get the process started. Tooth by tooth, I was getting my mouth repaired. I’ve learned so much dental terminology that I should have credits for a year of school. Throughout the repairs I have lost three teeth, I have one that should be pulled now, that’s in my smile line, and one that will need to be pulled some time in the future. On top of that I’ve had every single tooth in my mouth operated on. I feel like by the time I hit 35, I’ll have the mouth of a 70-year-old. 😫

Today was my second to last operation. While I’ve had a chance to reflect on all the restorations, I thank God that this is all I must deal with. In the future, I can get the teeth that were pulled replaced, but you can’t replace a life. God kept me surrounded and keeps surrounding me. He was done more for me then I can imagine, and I hope that my life will be a light, a reflection of God. If the loss of teeth is all I need to worry about, I’m doing awesome.

I thank you Lord for your blessings. You are worthy to be praised. I’m alive and well, so I am charged to tell His story of how He got me over, and how He will get me over the next mountain. Thank you for reading my thoughts today.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!


Aliedjawon B Peoples

Aye…this is deep Ken Ken!…a testimony that is relatable to many, because taking care of your body and teeth are imperative to the whole spiritual person..thanks for sharing and blessings as you continue your journey sis✊

Nala Keye

You really are an inspiration of how to overcome many of the issues our generation face! God is truly using you and it shows! Thank you sis!

Shakerah Mcdowell

Thank you Kendra for your openness to share your trials and encourage us through your blessings. It isn’t an easy thing to do, which is to become submissive to his Will! I’m still learning how and through your testimonies, you’re giving me the steps and courage😍😍


Such a good reminder! Sometimes our worst scenes in life can be our greatest testimonies. Thanks for sharing yours!


A life lesson! God had a purpose for you then for He knew your life story would be shared. Thanks for sharing and giving insight to your treatment plan! #sunnyontheinside

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