Reflective Perspective

Hey Angels,

What a weekend! It took me a whole day to gather my thoughts. I hope your weekend was as exciting, and powerful as mine. I went to the Millennial’s Reach Conference in Metairie, Louisiana, a few miles outside of New Orleans. It was full of fellowship, workshops, and down-home singing. The kind of singing that makes you want to, “Slap yo’ momma,” but I wouldn’t recommend taking that kind of action. The conference was Thursday through Friday. I couldn’t be there until Friday, but I had enough time to enjoy everybody, and find ways to impact my congregations back home.

Friday, we did a few community service projects, a scavenger hunt downtown, and an ice cream social to close the day. The community service projects included making cards for veterans, gathering toiletries for domestic abuse victims, and feeding the homeless in Tent City. Initially I didn’t know what to say to the veterans, but after a few ideas were thrown out within our table and getting some quotes from the internet, I was able to start figuring it out. I hope they are uplifted by the cards. When we got to “Tent City,” I immediately had a feeling of depression. Just trying to imagine the sense of living in a tent under a bridge that smelled like waste, was hard to take in. We gave the people and ones walking around, multiple bags of sandwiches and bottles of water. All I could think was, “We need more.” I wanted to give each person everything they needed to get back on their feet. More food, clothes, an apartment, but I couldn’t. I felt helpless to them, but all we could give was what we had. To God that was good enough. I pray that they find comfort in this lifetime.

Saturday was great as well. We had workshops most of the day and had a lot of great dialogue in each class. All of them gave me something to ponder and I pray to God that I remember and take it heart. We had workshops on social injustice, the “Me too” movement, “What the church should look like,” “Who did I marry?”, and “We all lose when the family feuds.” We had a few young preachers that had 10 minutes intervals on “Lit Faith.,” then Sis. Deborah Houston closed us out during the gala. All I could say is, “Thank you Jesus for the word she brought.” I knew the moment my legs started shaking something was coming over me. Then my body started rocking back and forth, and finally I just couldn’t sit so it was time to hop up, and praise God. She talked about, “The Kingdom must strike back.” We should be tired of our every day routine of shallow matters of the church and be the change we talk about. We should boldly profess who Christ is to all, not just the Church of Christ.” We should be pouring into others ears our testimony and then live in our purpose. God keeps His promises, so we should walk like we believe. We can’t sit any longer while the world goes around, and the church is stuck, only to become a museum. We must change now! I was moved and I hope everybody was affected as well.

Sunday wrapped up the experience with worship and our farewell brunch. The singing was great, and I loved how all the different song leaders were able to use their gifts during the service, as well as the conference. Bro. Willie Williams was our preacher for the morning and once again, he had me rocking. He preached from 2 Kings 7. He talked about how the lepers had a choice to die where they were or act and have faith that life can be better than what they had settled into. He intertwines their story with his, and how he started a work in North Colony, TX. It’s amazing how he listened to God and wanted to evangelize to lost people. He ended up having a group of people invite him to a bible study, started telling him why he believes what he believes, and they ended up wanting him to teach them. Soon he started a work their and has been preaching at the North Colony Church of Christ, which he started, ever since. There were no Churches of Christ in that area, but God ordained him to preach there, and that was never in his plans. It’s so much more to His story, but it’s hard to write every detail. When we listen to God, take that first step of faith, God moves, and we begin to see so many open doors that God has promised. Hearing others testimony’s really does something to my soul. It blesses me more than anyone could know. The farewell brunch allowed some of us to break down the conference in a healthy way and finish the weekend with a song service. I know God heard every voice that was lifted in His name. It was the best way to conclude the day.

I was also able to sell my books there. I hope all who bought it will be encouraged, and have a better understanding of who Jesus is and how that impacts their purpose!

I hate that I won’t be able to see everybody again until next year, but I know they will work wonders at their churches. It does give me comfort that everybody is friends on Facebook, Instagram, or have exchanged numbers to keep in touch. We did that last year and surprisingly we kept in touch all year. That encourages me so much. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I hope nothing but the best for them. Live in purpose!

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!

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