Partying Perspective

Hey Angels!

Happy Monday. It’s a great day to be alive in the Kingdom on earth. While I was sitting in front of Lake Brandt Friday afternoon, I thought I’d tell everybody about my company launch party. I hope my life, and where I’ve come from will help you see the type of movement God can do in your lives as well.

The party was such an awesome and humbling experience. It took me a little over two months to plan it and get all my products finalized. It was four months before, that God’s Perspective for Me became an LLC. I didn’t know what a company launch party looked like, but I knew it was the best time to execute it. Once I set the date, I contacted a few friends that are massage therapist and estheticians to give a service to my clients, and in turn continue to build their brands. Then I started to look up party recipes that wouldn’t cost too much and take a thousand days to make. I found a couple, but when I went 90% Vegan, lol, I had to change it. I found the entrees quickly and completed the rest of the menu. Everybody loved the food. That was very exciting since most people probably thought they were getting my dad’s wings and whole bunch of other things I don’t eat anymore. As I’m writing, I have realized I still need to message a few people, so they can have the recipes. I’ll get to you guys soon.

Then I had to put a program together. I wanted to tell everybody about the company, it’s mission and the services and products I provide. For about 30 minutes I talked about how to keep everybody up to date and see how God’s Perspective for Me is a lifestyle brand. Not just a company that pops up on your feed. The company’s goal is to be a “One stop shop” for all your inspirational needs. From the books, to T-shirts, to Greeting cards, to speaking, we are here for you! Well, I am for now lol. I asked a few people to give their testimony on a poem, or blog that meant a lot to them, but I ended up opening the floor. For another 30 minutes hand after hand went up, and I was so overwhelmed with the responses. I thank God for giving me a purpose to help others through this life. Lastly, I allowed all the business owners to talk about their endeavors, and where they could be found.

When it came to finishing the products, it was very tedious, but rewarding. It took me months to figure out what fulfillment company I wanted to process my shirts. The company I ended up going with is Print Aura. After I figured out the art work requirements, I started to upload what seemed like a million designs to their website. I got my samples six weeks before the party, and they came out amazing. I wanted all my products a month in advance, so I ordered my shirts. Sure enough something went wrong, but that’s why you plan ahead. All my white shirts were unacceptable, lol. Something happened with the printer, but their customer service is so awesome that I had my new shirts within a weeks’ time. My greeting cards were done, but I had to finish editing and making sure the layout was correct for printing. The first time I printed them, they were perfect. I already had my books, so that was easy. I had my custom greeting card templates ready too, but on my website only, since it must be created. Overall, I sold over 30 units of shirts, books, and greeting cards. I love all my products. The quality is great and given from God, so sales are bound to be successful.

Now my time is spent cultivating the best marketing strategy on a budget. I’m getting in touch with Influencers and figuring out my best sellers, so I know what to post and buy. I have at least 60 posts saved thus far, but I tend to alter them as I go. As I continue this journey, what I learn I will share. God will give you success in His purpose. You can’t fail. Listen to what His will is and move forward. Know the future is God’s therefore it’s yours. Don’t be afraid of success, but dive into it. God will move your arms and legs to keep you swimming as a champ should.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!

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