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Hey Angels,

So, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, How did you get your book published? Did you major in English, in Journalism? How did you get started? When did you have a vision for writing your book? I don’t ever know how to answer those questions other then, “It was an act of God, a God movement.” Then people just look at me waiting for more information as if that isn’t good enough. I understand because usually a person would go in detail as to how the events happened logically and what are the actual steps for them to achieve the same. But that’s not how writing “God’s Perspective for Me” came about. So here it goes.

I was booked for a cruise to Jamaica with my sister and a few of her friends. I wanted to go to Jamaica, but it wasn’t my group of besties. If she would’ve said, “Hey let’s go to Jamaica together,” I would’ve been all in and excited to go, but that wasn’t the case. So, I vacillated over going, which sounds so ridiculous as I’m writing this blog, but that is how I felt. As our final deposit for the trip was coming I decided to go because of my roommate. Out of everybody that was going we were friends, and I did not want her to cancel the trip and lose out on her deposit, because of my feelings. I must say, she was my saving grace. She probably has no idea how much the trip meant to me and how much I needed her to complete God’s plan in my life.

I had been writing songs for a couple of years, from my sobriety that helped me release through song what could not be said at that point in a blog. I had hoped to one day be in the studio with some of my favorite gospel artist, but soon turned terrified. I had thoughts of, “What if we’re in the studio and I have nothing to say?” or “What if what I have to say wouldn’t be good enough.” While I didn’t let those thoughts plague me, I wasn’t 100% confident in my abilities. I was too focused on me and not God who gave me the talent. But, once we stepped on the boat to head out into God’s ocean of love, a calmness came over me.

The first day was amazing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The sky, the boat, and the ocean. It was so beautiful and clear that my mind was clear. As if I was the reflection of what I say. I don’t remember if it was the first or second day at sea that I wrote my first poem, but I was so in tune with the moment that it almost scared me. While writing a song and a poem are very much a like they were very different for me in its approach. The first poems I wrote were Blue Skies, Majesty, and Weave in Me. As I was writing these poems I was allowing my roommate to read them, and she loved them. When she read “Weave in Me,” she exclaimed, “I love this one, this is my favorite.” It made me feel good that she was feeling the poems, but I was so much more joyful for what I was feeling inside. By the end of the trip I had written three songs and eight poems. It wasn’t until the last day that I realized God was telling me, “Ken Ken, I can give you all the words you need, just listen to me.” I started to cry as we were laid out on the reclining chairs the night before we would be back in Miami. I had finally realized that God can and will do anything, through me. I would soon turn that into the, “He did it for me, He’ll do it for you” approach, but I was so happy to hear God and was overwhelmed by his response to me.

Soon after the trip, I was sharing some of the poems I had written, and on May 17, 2016 my brother asked me, “When is the book coming out?” My exact reply was, “Lol…you know what I just started writing poems like 3 weeks ago but im gonna do a book…maybe 100 poems?...i could do that by the end of this year…figure out the publishing stuff…im gonna do it.” In that moment I didn’t hesitate. It was as if I knew what I didn’t know. God spoke through my brother for me to realize what I was doing. Also, just one year prior after I spoke at our 2015 Woman’s Day, my mom told me I needed to write a book. I kind of brushed it off since I was thinking, I’m not about to write a novel, that’s too much. That was the first seed planted. It wasn’t until a year later that God would show me I would write it through my talent, through poetry, through melodies. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! I know God was telling his angels, “She don’t even know what’s about to happen.” Every part of my story just amazes me. The initial name of the book was “God’s Perspective Through Me,” but my counselor bae, a.k.a. Bro. Dublin, told me that it could sound like I was making myself a prophet. In which I thought that’s what I am, but I guess I had to be taken down a few notches 😂🤦‍♀️. So, I renamed it “God’s Perspective for Me.”

I started putting my poems in book form and researched how to format the work. Just because I wasn’t an English major, didn’t mean I wanted to look like an idiot. Soon I asked one of my sisters in the church to help with me the cover. She told me it looked like it was more about me and I needed to find a picture or something that made the reader understand where I was when I started writing the poems. That was not what I meant to convey, so I took her advice. After looking at some of the pictures I took on the trip, I came across what would soon be my cover, and the picture I use to market myself today. Hallelujah! God is a wonder. It was a full circle moment. By July, while I was in Ohio visiting family I finished writing the book. The last poem I wrote was, “Drive Drunk,” which is my favorite of Volume 1.

Before I finished Volume 1, because by then God had already told me I was going to write three volumes, I sent what I had to a poet. She didn’t get the chance to read it, but upon me asking her about it, she told me she knew a publisher. Again, hallelujah! God is just…I’ll just leave it like that. So, I got up with him and within the next month I had a publisher and I had my books ready for purchase on December 24th. What a God movement. It was just that effortless. And I must stress this point. If I had not started sending my family and friends the poems, and had I not told an acquaintance I was writing a book, had I kept all that to myself and replied to people with, “Yea life is good, just maintaining,” and listened to the “Don’t let none of your moves be known, I move in secret,” memes, I would’ve never published this book, especially not in the time frame that God wanted it done. Stop, thinking everybody is out to get you. If it’s ordained by God, the work will get done no matter what. Man has no say over that. So, you better network when you can and tell people what you’re doing because you never know if your blessing is supposed to come through them. What I’m not saying is to tell everybody every detail but watch how God will work through the people around you.

Just listen to God. He has something great for you to do in His kingdom on earth. God has given you a talent, a gift that you must use. You must embrace what God has called you to do. We need you! Every single one of us needs your ministry, because you have something that no one else has for us.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!

P.S. I’ve been nauseous all day, but while writing this blog God took that feeling away until I was done!


Shakerah Mcdowell

Kendra!!! You continue to bless me more and more! I love you, my sister in Christ! I was sitting here praying to God about a decision he has made for my life. I can’t see all the pieces, the finished product and I dont need to because I TRUST him. Someone pointed out all what God has provided for me, told me I was wrong and that’s not what God has for me. I must be honest, it had me in my feelings for a short moment. I was more taken back bc it was clear that the person it was coming from would benefit if the outcome was different. Once the person left, I received this blog and as I was reading all I could do was cry. I cried because I know what he has for me and that’s to use my talents to help others, just as you said! I was hurt because the devil will try and use someone close to throw you off track!!! However, he is a liar and the truth isn’t in him. Thank you for being my angel today😍😚


As I read this, it’s as though you was speaking to me. Grateful I took the time to read your spiritual words of encouragement. Congrats and Blessings on everything Kendra!

Sylvia CarterWil

Your gratitude, openness and being God centered was captured in every word! Your gift of creativity is still waiting to be revealed! Amazing how everything just opens when you step back, lose self and truly let God! You did it and will do it!
Thank you!

Shanetta Williams

Looking forward to this next installment and all that will follow. Excellent work!

Pamela Y Porterfield

Love your journey! Following Gods plan for you

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