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Hey Angels!

I hope everybody has had a great week. I’m pretty sure it was lengthy considering it is Memorial weekend. We always get a little restless at work when a holiday is coming. I desire for you all to have an exciting weekend, but don’t get too crazy. I know we can repent, but you’ll probably feel better partaking in communion free of guilt 🤦‍♀️. Well before you get settled into the festivities I want to recap my amazing week.

Saturday, May 19th at 9 a.m., I started to setup my booth for the Church of Christ National Lectureship. I was excited about the experience and getting myself out to the world. The event didn’t start until 6 p.m., but I thought it would be better to finish my display promptly. So, I went back home and while I was watching Black Panther, I get a phone call with an unknown number. I answer it and it’s the lady who had a vendor table beside me. Before I left to go back home we talked about hospitality, never knowing who you’ll meet, what impact they may have on you, so always treat everybody well. Thank the Lord I practiced what I preached that day! She was calling because a lady staying in the hotel wanted to buy both of my books. I told her the cost and she got the money from her. She said she would be back for me to autograph both volumes. I was jumping up and down in my living room. Thank you, Jesus! I ended up going back around 4 p.m., just in case I got anymore sales before the concert started. The first day I sold eight books and was anxious to see how the rest of the event would go.

Sunday, I was enthusiastic about the worship service. It would be a few moments that I could worship with the saints from all over. I wish we would come together like that every Sunday, but the type of worship I desire is only reserved for Heaven. In between worship services we were able to sell our products, and by the end of the day I had sold 11 books. Monday and Tuesday, I sold seven, and Wednesday I sold five. Thursday, I didn’t sell anything. I wanted to get to 40, but I ended at 38. I was still delighted in the sales I had for the timeframe that I was vending. Also, I was able to meet new people, network with some of them and praise God all at the same time!

I was able to get acquainted and reacquainted with saints that I had met at various events or befriended on Facebook. We had great fellowship. Aside from selling my books, that was the other highlight of the Lectureship for me. I loved the conversations we had, and all the encouragement we were able to bestow upon each other. Two people were able to help me out tremendously with some of my business endeavors. They are the owners of Trinitees, Garrin and Anita. Go follow them on Instagram at!. I want to start an apparel line, and since they already had one, I had plenty of questions. They were so kind and helpful. Garrin is a marketing major as well, so he was able to give me a lot of tips on how I can advertise God’s Perspective for Me. There were a few other writers and business owners that had plenty to say that will assist me along the way. Thank you all for your expertise.

I was grateful for the books that I had sold. My initial goal was 60. That might sound like a lot, but I don’t ever want to down play what God will do for me. Once, I realized I wouldn’t hit that amount I still stayed positive. It’s much more that I would’ve sold sitting at home. A sister from church came over to my table Wednesday afternoon. I told her that I had sold 38 so far and she responded with, “You’re blessed!” I told her thank you and said to myself, I am blessed. I was comfortable in the success God had given me. Thank you, Lord for giving me the zeal and passion to get your words out to the world. It’s been a wonderful journey thus far, and I know what God has in store for me, will surpass my understanding. Believe in His will for you. Go and conquer the world in Christ.

Be blessed and always stay sunny on the inside!


Gwendolynn Harris

Congratulations Kendra on your book sale. It is so inspiring and encouraging to hear of your spiritual journey and work for the Lord. You are a child of the King. Keep your heart and mind on the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing with me and others. Your sister in Christ.


Yasssss! I am so proud of you! You are doing it!!! Congratulations on books sales during a successful event; I know that as long as you keep worshipping the lord, he will continue to bless you and your endeavors.

Patricia Baker

My beloved Ken Ken. It is always such a blessing to read about what God is constantly doing in your life. So glad you had such a beautiful and blessed experience this Lectureship weekend. Pray your business continues to blossom and your book sales continue to increase. So thankful to be a part of your life and your amazing journey. Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Katie Palmer

Hi Kendra
What can I say? Knowing you from age 2 until now, I will say you are living in His perspective for you, sowing seeds and blessing others as you go. Keep striving for His goodness in your life. Blessed and delighted to be your sister!


Love, love, love !
I’m glad you spoke about staying positive and being greatful for the success God had given. Garrin and I kept repeating this all week as this was our first event and didn’t know what to expect. But like you, We received so much encouragement from a number of people and often times I got super emotional about it.
So glad I got to meet you, and I really appreciate you even believing that we had a little knowledge. (We look super young so we don’t get that often lol)
Your spirit is just … amazing.
Keep pushing YOU. Through your books, your blogs, your words of encouragement, your clothing, and your overall brand. Continue to step on out there. He will not let you fall. ❤️

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